Forest Service Plans Prescribed Burn Near Hill City, SD

Contact(s): Scott Jacobson, 605-440-1409

Rapid City, SD, December 1, 2020 – The Mystic Ranger District on the Black Hills National Forest is planning a 500-acre prescribed burn on the Long Draw Project. The project is scheduled to be a multiple day burn, starting Thursday, Dec. 3 and possibly continuing through Fri., Dec. 4, depending on conditions.

The Long Draw project area is located 6 miles southwest of Hill City and 10 miles northwest of Custer, in the vicinity of Reno Gulch and Medicine Mountain Roads.

Smoke will be visible for several miles and could impact Hill City, Custer, Reno Gulch Rd., Medicine Mountain Rd., and surrounding areas.

Fire officials said the roads in the area will remain open but ask drivers to use caution and drive slowly if driving in the area. Smoke may impair visibility and create difficult driving conditions. Drivers should not stop their vehicles while driving in areas of reduced visibility as this can create a hazard for other vehicles in the area.

The goal of the Long Draw Project is to maintain a mosaic of vegetation conditions. This project will lessen the severity and extent of future wildfires in the project area by breaking up the continuity of dead, downed fuels, ultimately reducing fuel loads. Additionally, this burn will improve wildlife habitat by stimulating browse for big game species.

This week’s planned burn area is a small section of the overall 4,000-acre project area. Treatment on the Long Draw project was started in 2016.

Crews have been preparing to implement this project to meet management objectives for several years and managers will not begin the project unless conditions meet the criteria described in the burn plan.

For more information on the Black Hills National Forest call (605) 673-9200 or visit


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