Outfitters & Guides with Special Use Permits

Outfitters and guides conduct commercial trips or services under a Special Use Permit issued by the U.S. Forest Service.  Each outfitter provides a range of quality recreation activities, opportunities and experiences.  The permitted outfitters must have all required state licenses and insurance, meet civil rights requirements and pay fees to operate on National Forest System lands. The Forest Service monitors and inspects permitted outfitters for quality of services provided.

Utilizing the services of a permitted Outfitter/Guide will help to ensure you have hired someone who:

  • will provide you with the proper equipment
  • can help to protect your safety and well being
  • is skilled & knowledgeable about the activity and the area you will visit
  • prevents you from facilitating an illegal activity by hiring someone without a permit, and
  • will work to provide you with the best possible experience during your visit to the Forest.

When booking a trip or arranging for guided services on the National Forest, be sure to ask whether your prospective outfitter/guide holds a valid Forest Service permit.  The Black Hills National Forest has authorized a variety of outfitter/guides to operate under Special Use Permits.  When advertising their services for use of the National Forest, permitted outfitters are required to include a statement that they operate under a special use permit from the Black Hills National Forest.

In order to provide a higher quality experience on the Forest and to help maintain business viability, we have limited the number of outfitter and guide permits that we issue.  All permitted services or activities might not be available in all areas of the Forest. 

Please note that the links below are provided for your information and the outfitter lists may not be complete at any given time.  Call the appropriate Ranger District office for the most current information.  These businesses may be permitted to offer some services in addition to those listed.  Please contact the company for details.