National Forest Advisory Board

The purpose of the National Forest Advisory Board (NFAB) is to provide advice and recommendations on a broad range of forest issues such as forest plan revisions or amendments, forest health including fire and mountain pine beetle epidemics, travel management, forest monitoring and evaluation, recreation fees, and site-specific projects having forest-wide implications.

The 32-members of the Board (16 primary members and 16 alternates) represent the following areas of interest:

  • Developed outdoor recreation, Off-Highway Vehicle use, or commercial recreation 
  • Economic development
  • Energy and mineral development
  • Forest products industry
  • Nationally recognized sportsmen's group such as anglers or hunters
  • Archaeological, cultural, and historical interests
  • Nationally recognized environmental organization
  • Regionally recognized environmental organization
  • Dispersed recreation
  • Hold federal grazing permits or other land use permit
  • Tribal government elected or appointed official
  • Hold county or local-elected or appointed office South Dakota or Wyoming
  • South Dakota elected or appointed office
  • Wyoming elected or appointed office
  • State Natural Resource Agency official from South Dakota
  • State Natural Resource Agency official from Wyoming

Meetings are open to the public.  Time permitting, the Chair may allow the public to make comments to the Board at the end of the meeting. People wishing to make comments may be given up to 3 minutes, and comments must be related to agenda topics from that respective meeting agenda. Public comments are accepted at any time in writing.

For more information about NFAB, contact Scott Jacobson, Public Affairs Officer & NFAB coordinator, at (605) 440-1409.