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Soles of the Boise National Forest Employees

The Souls Caring For Your Forest Wear a Variety of Soles.


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"Boots in the Field".


The USDA Forest Service is an agency composed of a wide array of disciplines and job opportunities. Ranging from wildland firefighting, to botany, to capitol coordinating, the Boise National Forest exemplifies the range of positions possible within the agency.

From the field to the office, Forest Service employees wear a variety of footwear—some even wear a different pair of shoes depending upon the day. Learn more about the soles roaming around the Boise National Forest!


Firefighter boots - close up



Name:  Brian Cardoza

CAPTION:  Brian Cardoza’s wildland firefighting boots have seen seasons of grueling hikes, long days of cutting fire line and weeks away from home spent on fire assignments as the superintendent of the Idaho City Hotshots.

POSITION: Idaho City Hotshots Superintendent

PHOTO LOCATION: Idaho City Ranger District // Boise National Forest

“We spend so much time in our boots, they have to last,” Idaho City Hotshots Superintendent Brian Cardoza says as he looks down the worn, dirt-coated leather boots that poke out from the hems of his green Nomex pants. With nearly 25 years of wildland firefighting experience, Cardoza is a man who knows his boots.

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clip art of two green footprints




close shot of Edna in snowshoes



Name:  Edna Rey-Vizgirdas

CAPTION: Boise National Forest’s botanist and conservation education coordinator, Edna Rey-Vizgirdas leads a snow school outing at Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area, teaching participants about snow science and wildlife ecology.

POSITION: Forest Botanist & Conservation Education Coordinator

PHOTO LOCATION: Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area // Boise National Forest

“It’s a great day to be up here,” Edna Rey-Vizgirdas announces as she straps on a pair of well-traveled snowshoes over her Sorel boots at Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area’s Nordic Center located on the Boise National Forest. Gathered around her are more than 30 Master Naturalist participants, who are eager to learn more about Bogus Basin’s SnowSchool, and potentially become volunteers for the program. 

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clip art of two green footprints



A photo of ankle length work boots



Name: Lloyd R. Scott (Randy)

CAPTION:  Boise National Forest’s warehouse foreman, Randy Scott makes his way down from the upper levels of the Type 3 fire cache that he manages as just one of many of his duties as a material’s handler.

POSITION: Materials Handler & Warehouse Foreman

PHOTO LOCATION: Boise National Forest Warehouse // Boise, Idaho

“This building is my world,” Randy Scott says motioning his arms in a widespread motion around the cavern of an industrial warehouse boasting rows of organized shelves and pallets. The space is home to the Boise National Forest Warehouse, a storage space for various departments from the Forest’s supervisor’s office, as well as, a fire cache servicing local incident management teams during fire season.

After taking the position of material’s handler and warehouse foreman in December of 2008, Scott took the initiative to streamline the warehouse and inventory procedures. And it shows. 

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clip art of two green footprints



2015 Photo of Boots - Clark




NAME:  Clark Fleege

CAPTION:  Clark Fleege, Lucky Peak Nursery manager for the Boise National Forest stands among the rows of seedlings growing inside one of the greenhouses at the facility, which produces native trees and shrubs for regions 3 and 4 of the Forest Service, as well as, several state and federal agencies.

POSITION:  Lucky Peak Nursery Manager

PHOTO LOCATION: Lucky Peak Nursery // Boise National Forest

“I can’t believe I get paid to do this,” Lucky Peak nursery manager Clark Fleege says, his eyes wandering over the various greenhouses, fields and warehouses scattered about the 60 acres of nursery grounds. “Every day is a good day—I’ve worked worse jobs, in worse places, for less pay.” 

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clip art of two green footprints


Photo of boots in water




NAME:  Brian Anderson

CAPTION:  Boise National Forest’s south zone hydrologist Brian Anderson wears wading boots when he’s doing stream surveys or other data collection that calls for him to be in and out of the water.

POSITION:  South Zone Hydrologist

PHOTO LOCATION:  Boise National Forest

“Honestly, wandering around in streams is always a good day,” asserts Boise National Forest’s south zone hydrologist Brian Anderson. “Getting out in the field is the best benefit of this job.”  Anderson, who’s been in his current position for a tad over a year, began his career with the Boise National Forest in 2006 on the Idaho City Hotshots. During his undergraduate career at the University of Idaho while studying environmental science, Anderson had a great ground water professor who made him excited about the topic.

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clip art of two green footprints


Photo of lots of boots





NAME:  Mary Faurot  

CAPTION:  Cascade District Ranger Mary Faurot is never sure just exactly what task will come her way each day. Over the course of her career she’s worn a wide-selection of footwear, and that’s still true in her position today.

POSITION:  Cascade District Ranger

PHOTO LOCATION:  Cascade Ranger District // Boise National Forest

When you think about the standard footwear an employee of the Forest Service would need to fulfill their duties, diving fins don’t generally come to mind. However, Mary Faurot, Cascade District Ranger on the Boise National Forest, breaks the status quo. Her impressive collection of “boots” includes, not just fins, but wading boots, snow boots, fire boots, hiking boots, and a pair of clogs for office days. Her expansive collection tells the story of her long career in the outdoors.

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clip art of two green footprints


Photo of long pants and shoes in grass



NAME:  Carl Powell

CAPTION:  Carl Powell, vocational development specialist and business community liaison for Centennial Job Corps, managed by the Boise National Forest, wears dress shoes on a typical day in the office, and he puts some mileage on them—walking all over the 50-acre campus throughout the day.

POSITION:  Centennial Job Corps Vocational Development Specialist & Business Community Liaison

PHOTO LOCATION:  Centennial Job Corps // Nampa, Idaho

Not many people head to the park for a game of tennis and come away with a lifetime career. Carl Powell is the exception. Powell, the vocational development specialist and business community liaison for Centennial Job Corps, has been with the program for over 36 years, starting his career just a few months post-college graduation.

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Boots on a tree stump




NAME:  Todd DeMasters

CAPTION: Boise National Forest Occupational Health and Safety Manager, Todd DeMasters, ensures the safety of all Forest personnel, including volunteers. On this day he was leading a weekend workshop to teach 16 Forest Service volunteers about proper chainsaw safety training.

POSITION:  Forest Occupational Health & Safety Manager

PHOTO LOCATION:  Boise National Forest

“I grew up in the woods. My dad and uncles all worked for the Forest Service,” reflects Todd DeMasters, occupational health and safety manager for the Boise National Forest. The phrase, “ it runs in the family” seems applicable for DeMasters’s career choice.

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clip art of two green footprints

Two different shoes



NAME:  Marie Willis

CAPTION: Boise National Forest Facilities Engineer Marie Willis divides her time between the office and the field, as demonstrated by her footwear.

POSITION:  Facilities Engineer

PHOTO LOCATION:  Supervisor’s Office // Boise National Forest

In the last month alone, Boise National Forest facilities engineer Marie Willis has traveled from the very top of the Forest to the very bottom, looking at recreation sites, facilities and water systems. As winter draws to a close, Willis transitions from “office season” to “field season.” Willis, as the facilities engineer, ensures that more than 600 buildings and 120 water systems forest-wide are properly maintained, verifying that people are living, working and recreating in safe environments.

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2 sets of boots




NAME:  John Kidd

CAPTION: Lowman District Ranger, John Kidd, alternates between his cowboy boots and fire boots when on the job. As a district ranger, he never knows what each day will bring.

POSITION:  Lowman District Ranger

PHOTO LOCATION:  Lowman Ranger District Office // Boise National Forest

“It’s a good life,” says Lowman District Ranger, John Kidd, about a career with the Forest Service. Serving the Lowman Ranger District, located on the Boise National Forest, roughly 75 miles north of Boise, Kidd manages 400,000 acres of land.

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clip art of two green footprints



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"Boots in the Field".



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