Boise National Forest Personal Use Fuelwood Season Adjusted During COVID-19

Personal Use Fuelwood Permits for the Boise National Forest will be available beginning May 15, through November 30, 2022


Northern Boise NF Map

Southern Boise NF Map


Rules and regulations for viewing located on the fuelwood brochure - Page 1 and Page 2 

Pick up your 2021 fuelwood brochure with tags when you purchase the fuelwood permit


Here are three different ways to purchase a fuelwood permit


1)  Vendors

Fuelwood permits can be purchased at the following commercial vendor locations:


Caldwell:  East Cleveland Beverage:  (208) 459-6442

Emmett:  B & W Fuels:  (208) 365-2291

Horseshoe Bend:  Ray’s Corner Market  (208) 793-2391

Garden Valley:  Garden Valley Chevron  (208) 462-3869

Placerville:   Donna’s Place  (208) 392-9666

Idaho City:  Idaho City Grocery  (208) 392-4426

Idaho City:  Seasons  (208) 392-9777


2)  Interagency Visitor Center - 208-373-4100 


Please note: Fuelwood permits will NOT be available for purchase in the Interagency Visitor Center until the end of June 2022

Located at - 1387 S. Vinnell Way, Boise, Idaho; Monday thru Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Please call for further information.

Open/opening Forest District Offices:

  • Open now - Mountain Home Ranger District office 
  • May 16 - Idaho City, Lowman, Emmett and Cascade Ranger District offices
  • Late June - Interagency Visitor Center office in Boise


3)   Mail-in applications -  Only until offices are open


The mail-in system is being implemented for the safety of the public and our front-line employees.  

Mail-in application forms are available to print from or can be picked up outside Boise National Forest Ranger District offices and mailed ONLY to the Cascade Ranger District.


FORM for mail-in applications

Mail-in applications with check or money order payable to USDA (No Cash) to:

Cascade Ranger District

Attn: Fuelwood Program

P.O. Box 696

Cascade, ID  83611


For questions contact the Cascade Ranger District Office 208-382-7400; Monday - Friday; 8 am to 4 pm, Days and Hours of Business Operations may be impacted by COVID-19 Restrictions and Closures, or Forest Fire Operations.

For more information: 

  • Mountain Home Ranger District       208-587-7961  
  • Idaho City Ranger District               208-392-6681                 
  • Cascade Ranger District                  208-382-7400  
  • Lowman Ranger District                  208-259-3361
  • Emmett Ranger District                  208-365-7000


A new regulation for this year is no cutting of Larch (Tamarack) after November 1. Larch lose their needles every fall and appear to be dead, resulting in too many live trees being accidently cut. This new regulation is to prevent the cutting of live Larch trees after they have lost their needles in the fall.


Fuelwood permit prices remain at $6.25 per cord with a 4-cord minimum, and a 10-cord maximum per household. Please note we cannot sell permits for only 2 cords. If you want all ten cords, permits purchased will need to be 5 cords and 5 cords, or 4 cords and 6 cord, or all 10 cords at once.