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Crew Mission

The Idaho City Hotshots are a highly skilled and trained 20-person interagency hotshot crew able to adapt in the constantly changing situations of incident management. In an average season, the crew travels over 20,000 miles responding to incidents throughout the Nation. The crew values professionalism, versatility, hard work, and positive attitudes.


Crew History

The National Fire Plan provided funds to establish the Idaho City Hotshots. The first fire season for the crew was 2001with Russ Long as the superintendent. We spent 95 days on fire assignments, gaining experience and credibility. By October, our crew was certified as a Type I Interagency Hotshot Crew - the only crew to be certified in a single season! Eleven seasons later, our crew remains highly regarded.



Each season, the crew seeks individuals who like to work hard and want to enjoy the benefits of being a wildland firefighter.


Crew Configuration

The crew is split into two modules with one Superintendent assisted by 2 Captains.

There are also two Squad Leaders.

Thirteen seasonal firefighters and one Wildfire Apprenticeship Academy position complete the crew.



Our crew facility includes ample office space, a training room, a ready room, and newly completed men's and women's barracks. The barracks provide cooking and washing facilities as well as a private room for each employee. Other buildings include supply cache, exercise room, and a fully equipped saw shop.




Idaho City Hotshot Crew
PO Box 129 or MP 38.5
Idaho City, ID 83631

Phone (208) 392-6764