Lodgrpole RX fire still smokes north of Crouch

Release Date: Jun 29, 2018  

Contact(s): Mike Williamson 208-373-4105

photo of smoke and fire moving north on slope


7-2-2018 – UPDATE - The Emmett Ranger District has temporarily closed roads and trails within Lodgepole Springs Prescribed burn area

The District has temporarily closed National Forest System (NFS) roads and trails to provide for public safety due to hazards associated with a prescribed fire in the area of the Lodgepole Springs prescribed burn area.  This closure order will be in effect from July 2, 2018, through Aug. 3, 2018, unless rescinded earlier by the Forest Supervisor. (0402-06-37).

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6-29-2018 - News Release: 

Emmett, Idaho, June 29, 2018 -- The Forest Service’s Lodgepole Springs prescribed fire, located approximately 14 miles north of Crouch along National Forest System (NFS) road 671, continues to burn and is causing smoke to be visible along the Middle Fork Payette River and into the town of Crouch.

Recent warmer weather has resulted in needle litter and heavier fuels rapidly drying out, which is allowing the fire to slowly spread into adjacent unburned areas. The fire still remains within the designated project area.

Fire crews are putting in a fireline to reduce its spread and also work directly on putting out flames found in heavy fuels.

The public is asked to be mindful of fire traffic on the road to Silver Creek Plunge.


Photo of a map of Lodgepole Springs Fire


The prescribed burn took place April 24, 2018 and was approximately 1,250 acres, with the objective to improve forest vegetation and wildlife habitat conditions.

For more information, contact the Emmett Ranger District: (208) 365-7000.