Fuelwood Permits available beginning May 15 for southwest Idaho National Forests

Contact(s): Venetia Gempler 208-373-4105

Boise Fuelwood Photo



Boise, Idaho, April 19, 2019 -- Personal use fuelwood permits for the Boise, Payette, and Sawtooth National Forests will be available beginning May 15, through Nov. 30, 2019.

Permits can be purchased at USDA Forest Service Ranger District offices, and private vendors (see attached list). Please recall that we can no longer can sell permits of only 2 cords. If you want all 10 cords, permits must be purchased in combinations of 5 cords and 5 cords, or 4 cords and 6 cords, or all 10 cords at once.

Fuelwood permits were reduced in 2018 from $12.50 to $6.25 per cord with a 4-cord minimum and a 10-cord maximum per household. Two reasons drove the changes: 1) aligning the overall price of the fuelwood with other Idaho forests; 2) helping remove forest fuels since woodcutting is limited to dead trees.

The Sage Hen area within the Emmett Ranger District of the Boise NF continues to be infested with Tussock Moth. Be aware that the caterpillars shed tiny hairs that can cause significant skin irritation. While the trees may look dead because the caterpillars feed on the needles, they are not, and should not be cut for fuelwood. If trees have any green needles, please do not cut.

Please note: The Emmett Ranger District will not open for fuelwood sales or any other type of sales until they have completed moving into their new building, at 1857 Highway 16 Suite A, Emmett, ID 83637.

The Payette National Forest has two free-use areas, which are located in the Steamboat Summit/Warren Summit area and the Big Creek area. A free-use permit is required for these areas and can be obtained at the McCall Ranger District office and the Big Creek Work Center, long with specific location information and permit use requirements. Free-use fuelwood counts as personal use toward the 10-cord maximum per household.

Cutting fuelwood within a closure area is prohibited. Check on the Alerts & Notices pages of Forest websites for closure information.

Check this year’s fuelwood brochure, fuelwood map, and the current Motor Vehicle Use Maps to make sure you are cutting in an area open to fuelwood gathering, and pay special attention to closed areas and roads with restoration activities. Regulations prohibit the cutting of dead or living Whitebark pine trees due to that species decline, and they are critically important to several wildlife species.

Fuelwood permits are valid within the Boise, Payette and Sawtooth Forests. All motorized travel related to fuelwood gathering must be in full accordance with Forest Service travel regulations for the area as shown in the Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM), unless specifically exempted in the fuelwood permit.

Permit holders are encouraged to cut fuelwood early in the year because fire restrictions may impact the cutting season later in the summer. Early season fuelwood cutters are asked to use caution to avoid wet muddy roads, where travel may cause resource damage. Fuelwood cutting is not allowed within riparian areas (adjacent to creeks and rivers).

Regulations are available when permits are issued. For additional information, contact the local Ranger District offices, or Forest websites. Check with forest vendors for weekend hours.


Boise National Forest Vendors:

Seasons, Idaho City                                                     208-392-9777

Donna’s Place, Placerville                                           208-392-9666

Idaho City Grocery, Idaho City                                   208-392-4426

Tom’s Service/Sinclair, Idaho City                              208-392-4900

B&W Fuels, Emmett                                                   208-392-4900

Valley View Chevron                                                   208-793-4321

Ray’s Corner Market, Horseshoe Bend                        208-793-2391

East Cleveland Beverage, Caldwell                              208-459-6442

Garden Valley Chevron, Garden Valley                        208-462-3869

D & B Supply, Emmett                                                  208 365-2955



Boise NF Ranger District Offices:

Interagency Visitor Center                                            208-373-4007

   Mountain Home RD                                                   208-587-7961

   Idaho City RD                                                             208-392-6681

   Cascade RD                                                                 208-382-7400

   Lowman RD                                                                208-259-3361

   Emmett RD                                                                 (coming soon)

   Emmett RD/ Garden Valley Work Center                    208-462-3241



Payette National Forest Vendors:

Jay’s Sinclair, Cambridge                                           208-257-5000

Ridley’s Food & Drug, Weiser                                    208-549-1332

Farmer’s Supply Co-Op, Weiser                                208-549-0654

Farmer’s Supply Co-Op, Council                                208-253-4266

C & M Lumber, New Meadows                                 208-347-3648

Albertsons, McCall                                                     208-634-8166

The Corner, Yellow Pine                                            208-633-3325


Payette NF Ranger District Offices:

Weiser RD                                                                   208-549-4200  

Council RD                                                                  208-253-0100             

McCall RD                                                                   208-634-0400  

New Meadows RD                                                      208-347-0300 




Sawtooth National Forest Vendors:

Rock Creek General Store, Hansen                           208-423-5659

Hansen Quick Stop & Go, Hansen                            208-423-9900

Camas Creek Country Store, Fairfield                       208-764-2211

Sawtooth Wood Products, Bellevue                           208-788-4705

Idaho Lumber, Hailey                                                208-788-3333

Jerrys Country Store                                                  208-774-3566



Sawtooth NF Ranger District Offices:

Minidoka RD                                                               208-678-0430

Ketchum RD                                                                208-622-5371

Fairfield RD                                                                 208-764-3202

Sawtooth National Recreation Area                            208-727-5013

Stanley RD                                                                   208-774-3000

Sawtooth Supervisor’s Office                                       208-423-7500