Winter logging operations may affect some snowmobile routes within the Emmett Ranger District

Contact(s): Linda Steinhaus 208-373-4106

Crouch, Idaho, November 26, 2019 -- This winter, some Emmett Ranger District snowmobile routes within Boise County may be affected by logging activities in an effort to respond to the recent tussock moth outbreak.


The West Scriver timber sale is ongoing, adjacent to National Forest System roads 693 and 696. The Boise National Forest has authorized winter logging along these routes through January 15, 2020 to remove dead and dying trees.


Logging activities are operating Monday through Friday. Visitors should proceed with caution since they may encounter heavy logging truck traffic. Signs are posted where active logging operations are occurring. “We want to provide as much notice as possible,” said Katie Wood, Emmett District Ranger. “There is a chance that harvest dates or timber operations may change and if so, we will get the word out so forest visitors can plan accordingly.”


The Emmett Ranger District has experienced numerous tussock moth outbreaks over the last few years. Options for control are somewhat limited over large areas. Dry sites, ridges and dense stands tend to have more damage because trees have less water to recover from feeding damage.


Multiple efforts are being planned in future years to improve the health and resilience of the forest including timber harvests, prescribed burns and tree plantings.