Sage Hen Recreation Area reopens after logging operations are completed

Contact(s): Joe Schindel (208) 616-4006

Photo of a hillside in Sage Hen


Boise, Idaho, September 23, 2020 – The Emmett Ranger District of the Boise National Forest would like to thank the public for their patience as contractors removed numerous hazard trees from roads surrounding the Sage Hen Reservoir, including area campgrounds. The Area Closure will be lifted September 24, and it is open for forest visitors to enjoy.


“We want to thank the public for being patient while contractors remove hazardous trees from the six campgrounds and roadways,” said Katie Wood, Emmett Ranger District. “The area is going to look very different from before with more open spaces, fewer trees and less shade. Visitors will see large slash piles which will be burned when weather conditions are more favorable.”


Sage Hen and Antelope campgrounds (the two largest campgrounds with boat launches) will be open for the public to access with reduced services; maintained restrooms, no drinking water, and pack in pack out your trash.  These two will remain open until the snow levels close them.  This provides snowmobile access in the winter to the restrooms.  The other 4 (Antelope annex, Hollywood, East side, and Cartwright ridge CG) will remain gated and closed until 2021.


The project originally expected to be completed in July was extended multiple times because of weather delays, the rockslide on Idaho State Highway 95 which impacted the haul route and additional disease effecting the timber stands.


The timber removed included dead or dying trees that succumbed to insect and disease, including tussock moth, beetles and fungus that softens the hardwood of certain tree species.