2014 Roads Closed Due to Road Damage and Washouts


11-4-2014 South Map - Temp. Road Closures

(South view of the Boise NF)




BOISE, Idaho – Visitors to the Boise National Forest need to drive cautiously and be prepared for narrow road passage, tree downfall and sediment debris on forest roads.

Many roads have been damaged by mud and flood conditions.  Travelers need to be alert for a road that may not be passable, with a need to turn around.  Having a full tank of gas, extra food and water, and not taking chances with crossing very muddy road segments will be important.  There maybe flash floods and heavy rain in the mountains from thunderstorms during spring conditions. 


ROAD CLOSURES:  Some roads are in repair status and remain closed.  Check with the Ranger District before heading to these areas for current conditions.


IDAHO CITY RD –  208-392-6681

 Idaho City RD - China Basin Road #205 is also closed.  Order 0402-03-53.  VIEW the closure and map.


 Idaho City RD -  Flint Creek Spur C Road #207C is closed.  Order 0402-03-54.   VIEW the closure and map.




MOUNTAIN HOME RD - 208-587-7961

Mountain Home RD - The Roaring River Road #255 from the Middle Fork Boise River to Forest Road #129 is closed.  Order: 0402-01-57.  VIEW the closure and map.




9-3-2014 North Boise NF Closure Map


(North view of Boise NF)


CASCADE RD - 208-382-7400


The Cascade RD has temporarily closed a portion of NFS road #483 - Tyndall Creek -  to provide for public safety until road repairs can be completed.  View the Order 0402-04-61 and the map.


Cascade RD -The Rice Creek Road #478 is closed.  Order: 0402-04-62.  VIEW the closure and map.


Cascade Rd has temporarily closed NFS road #435B - Deer Creek Road - to provide for public health and safety due to road damage caused by recent high intensity rainfall events.  VIEW the order 0402-04-63 - closure and map.


Cascade RD has a temporary closure to provide for the protection of public health and safety on NFS road #472 (Lodgepole Creek Road) due to road damage by recent high intensity rainfall events.  VIEW the order 0402-04-64 - closure and map.




OPEN ROADS:  These roads were closed due to washout and flodding.  They are now open.


The Blacks Creek Road #189 from the Mayfield Road junction to Prairie is OPEN.

Idaho City RD - Pikes Fork Road #312 is open.  Order 0402-03-56 - Closure Terminated.  

Idaho City RD – Hot Creek Road #241 is open.  Order 0402-03-55 - Closure Terminated.

Mountain Home RD - The Pinto Creek Road #132 is OPEN.  Order: 0402-01-56.  Closure Terminated.


8-7 Middle Fork Boise River Road 2