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Special Orders Enacted on the Bridger-Teton National Forest

Special orders are put into effect to address particular management problems. Special Orders may be enacted on several levels including Nationally (e.g. from the Washington office effecting all National Forests), Multi-Regional (e.g. GYCC orders), Regional (e.g. Region 4), Forest (e.g. Bridger-Teton N.F.), and District levels (e.g. Kemmerer, Jackson, etc.). Special orders are signed by Regional Foresters and/or Forest Supervisors and vary in duration. Special orders are posted at Forest Service Ranger District offices and Forest Supervisors offices in the office nearest to the area effected, or they may be posted at the Ranger Station and the actual site.


Some of the reasons for implementation of special orders is to protect public safety, prevent resource damage, preserve a particular areas setting (such as non motorized), protect wildlife populations and many other reasons. Special orders may prohibit a specific activity or impose permit requirements. Some examples of permits that may be required are hiking, camping or burning permits.

RECREATIONAL DRONE TIPS : The following tips are for responsible hobby or recreational use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or “Drones” on National Forest System Lands.(pdf)

  • Ensure that you comply with all FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) regulations and guidance for flying your UAS. The FAA has authority over all airspace. Information on FAA regulations is available at  www.faa.gov/uas/

Multi Regional and Regional Special Orders

Order Name  Number  District/Area Map
General Forest Restrictions GYCC-6 Forest-Wide No
Wilderness Restrictions GYCC-7 Bridger, Gros Ventre and Teton Wildernesses No
Camping Fees 04-00-014 Forest-Wide No
Wilderness use- Salting for Wildlife 04-00-021 Bridger, Gros Ventre and Teton Wildernesses No
Wilderness use- Wagons and carts 04-00-055 Bridger, Gros Ventre and Teton Wildernesses No
Weed Free Hay 04-00-097 Forest-Wide No
Fireworks and Spark Arrestors 04-00-12-02          Forest-Wide No
Explosives and Exploding Targets R4-2014-01 Forest-Wide No


Bridger-Teton N.F. Special Orders

Order Name Number District/Area Map
Winter Closure (Spanish) 04-03-300 Jackson/Blackrock Yes
Aircraft 04-03-301 Forest-Wide No

Cannabis/Controlled Substances/Alcohol/
Motor Vehicle Laws  (Spanish)

04-03-302 Forest-Wide No
Hams Fork Winter Wildlife Closure (Spanish) 04-03-303 Kemmerer Yes
Lake Alice (Spanish) 04-03-304 Kemmerer  
Alpine Feedground Winter Wildife Closure (Spanish) 04-03-305 Greys River Yes
Moose Creek Winter Wildife Closure (Spanish) 04-03-306 Greys River Yes
Salt Pass Ski Trails (Spanish) 04-03-307 Greys River Yes
Star Valley Front Winter Wildife Closure  04-03-308 Greys River Yes
Antlers (Spanish) 04-03-309 Forest-Wide No
Atlantic Creek  04-03-310 Blackrock Yes
Gros Ventre Wilderness (Spanish) 04-03-311 Jackson/ Big Piney/ Pinedale No
Halfmoon Lake (Spanish) 04-03-312 Pinedale Yes
Sylvan Bay 04-03-313 Pinedale Yes
Kendall Dace 04-03-314 Pinedale Yes
Bridger Wilderness 04-03-315 Pinedale No
Road and Trail Winter Restrictions (Spanish) 04-03-316 Kemmerer/ Big Piney/ Greys River/ Pinedale No
Jackson Dispersed Camping Stay Limit (Spanish) 04-03-317 Jackson Yes
Cache Creek Camping/ Discharging Firearms 04-03-318 Jackson Yes
Hoback and Snake River 04-03-319 Jackon  
Putt Putt and Game Creek (Spanish) 04-03-320 Jackson Yes
Snow King and Ski Area 04-03-321 Jackson Yes
Teton Wilderness Regulations (Spanish) 04-03-322 Blackrock No
Forest Park Winter Wildlife Closure 04-03-324 Greys River Yes
Campground Stay Limit Developed (Spanish) 04-03-325 Forest-Wide No
Wyoming Aquatic Invasive Species (Spanish) 04-03-326 Forest-Wide No
Discharging Firearms Swinging Bridge 04-03-327 Jackson Yes
04-03-329 Forest-Wide Included in Order
Food Storage & Sanitation Order for the Bridger-Teton and Shoshone National Forest 04-03-330 Blackrock/Jackson/Pinedale & Nothern portions of the Big Piney and Greys River Ranger Districts Included in Order
Occupancy and Use- Sanitation in Jackson 04-03-331 Jackson Included in Order
Winter Travel Restrictions 04-03-332 Jackson/Blackrock Blackrock


Temporary Special Orders

Order Name Number District/Area  Map   Rescinded 
Food Storage Order Extension Winter 2018-19 04-03-593 Blackrock/ Jackson Included in Order No
Road 30092 and Area Closure 04-03-591 Blackrock Included in Order No
Sheep Gulch Boat Ramp Closure 04-03-586 Jackson Included in Order No
Middle Piney Dam Closure 04-03-582 Big Piney Yes No
Blind Bull Road Closure 04-03-574 Greys River Yes No