Bridger-Teton Forest Plans


The Forest Plan is used to keep the management direction for the Bridger-Teton National Forest up to date.

Bridger-Teton Forest Plan-Vintage Cartoon

The amendment process includes programmatic compliance with NEPA and other environmental laws. If an amendment to a Forest Plan results in “a significant change in the plan,” the NFMA (National Forest Management Act) and its 1982 implementing regulations under which this decision is made, require that the amendment process follow the procedures used in the initial development of the plan. If the proposed change in the plan is not significant, public notification and completion of the NEPA procedures are still required. The following PDF's showcase the current plan for the Bridger-Teton National Forest. 


NEW 2015: Searchable Bridger-Teton Land and Resource Management Plan (Incorporates all amendments) 


Final Environmental Impact Statement Summary (FEIS) - 917 Pages



  • FEIS Chapter 1-8
  • FEIS Appendices
  • Management Plan Maps
  • Management  

Final Environmental Impact Statement Summary (FEIS) Appendices-353 Pages

Record of Decisions- 51 Pages 

Amendment Log- 1 Page 

Forest Plans Corrections Log Sheet- 64 Pages 

Correction Letter 1997- 4 Pages 

Amendment for Oil and Gas Leasing - 42 Pages 

Amendment for Snake River System- 50 Pages 

Motorized Travel Plan Environmental Assessment for Pinedale- 13 Pages 

Amendment for Research Natural Areas and two Special Interest Areas- 14 Pages 

Fire Amendment- 20 Pages 

Northern Rockies Lynx Management Direction Summary- 143 Pages 

Habitat of Lynx Management- 1 Page 

Pronghorn Migration Corridor Forest Planning Amendment- 43 Page

Greater Sage-grouse Record of Decision- 183 Pages