The Wedding Tree

The Wedding Tree is located on the Bridger-Teton National Forest on the Jackson Ranger District within the Gros Ventre River drainage. The tree is located a short 5-minute walk towards the Tetons from the small parking lot and provides a spectacular view of the Teton Range.

The parking lot is located off of Gros Ventre Road, past the Gros Ventre River Ranch and before reaching Lower Slide Lake, on the right-hand side. Follow the trail from the parking lot, heading back the way you came, for about 5 minutes to reach the Wedding Tree.

Dispersed camping is not allowed in this area as of October, 2018 and depending on the fire danger rating, campfires may be allowed.

While there is no address for this location, the Wedding Tree is located about five miles east of Kelly on the Gros Ventre Rd. It is easy to miss, but as you head upstream along the Gros Ventre Road, there is a pull off on the right hand side that can accommodate 5-7 cars.

The Jackson Ranger District keeps a calendar for who is planning to use the tree and who has the permit. Anyone wanting to use the Wedding Tree must know what the rules are - no amplification, no confetti or rice or bird seed throwing, no decorations, etc. The Forest Service allows the permit holder to use a commercial photographer, but no other commercial services. No tent rentals and no commercial catering services are permitted.  The area isn’t closed off exclusively for your event. Other visitors may be in the area. No signs are permitted. You can have port-a-potties delivered for your use during the event and you can arrange for shuttling of your guests since the parking area is so small.  

There are no services or stores on the Forest up the Gros Ventre Road, so if you do go out to this area of the Forest, be prepared with a full tank of gas, water, food and provisions. Cellular phone service isn’t guaranteed. The road is passable, but rough in places.

***Beginning January 3, 2023, management of the Wedding Tree will be turned over to our partner organization Friends of the Bridger-Teton, who will provide additional resources (i.e., Wedding Tree “ambassadors,” funds, etc.) to protect and preserve this site. All individuals with events scheduled on January 3, 2023, or later, including new and existing reservations, are required to sign a detailed operating plan and pay a processing fee of $200. The funds collected through the implementation of a processing fee will be put toward activities and future improvement projects directly benefitting users of the Wedding Tree. Regular site clean-up and maintenance, construction of a permanent platform structure, and/or installation of a vault toilet are examples of activities and projects being considered.

Please contact us so we can place your event on our calendar at 307-739-5526 or email us at Click here for additional permit information.