Personal Use Firewood Permits

The firewood program requires that firewood be charged for at the rate of $7.00 per cord, with a minimum charge of $35.00 per permit. However, free wood may be available in some areas. Check with your local District Office for location of these areas.

In order to ensure that there will be enough firewood accessible to people for their personal use in the future, each family is limited to 10 cords per year, per household.

Permittees wishing to use tractors, horses, cable systems or other than a pickup truck, winch, chainsaw or ATV must check with their local District Office and obtain written permission and attach to the permit. Motorized travel on the Forest is restricted to designated routes. Free, printable motorized vehicle use maps are available online of the Forest.

Firewood Cutting Area: FS Road #10139 (Spring Creek Rd) on the Big Piney Ranger District near Snyder Basin will be open from July 23th to August 30th for firewood cutting. Valid fuelwood permit is required, cutting is only allowed within 300 foot of the road, and trees must be removed in less than 8-foot lengths.

Available May 15-December 31 

  • Firewood-Personal Use 

‚Äč$7.00 per cord with a $35 minimum

Available by Request

  • Firewood-Free Use 
    • Free
  • Firewood-Special Areas

$7.00 per cord with a $35 minimum

  • Firewood- Live Aspen 

$7.00 per cord with a $35 minimum