Permits - Bridger Wilderness

Free Permits Are Required For Organized Groups and Recreational Livestock Users

** Only accepting applications beginning April 1st for the current year.

Overnight Campers with Pack or Saddle Stock

To use these forms, please;

1. Save the .pdf document to your computer
2. Fill out applicable fields
3. Save changes
4. Attach .pdf document to email and send to Meredith Malek at

Please call 307-367-4326 if you have any questions.

Educational Organizations (schools, colleges, universities)

** Only accepting applications between January 1st through March 15th.

Fill out the  Application for Temporary Outfitter Guide  and email it to

**Be aware of changing regulations when you cross over the Continental Divide onto the Shoshone National Forest.

For more information, contact the Pinedale Ranger District at: 

Pinedale Ranger District
29 East Fremont Lake Rd.
P.O. Box 220
Pinedale, WY 82941
Fax: 307-367-5750