Grov Ventre Regulations


Party size: Group size is limited to 15 people and 25 pack and saddle stock.

Stay Limit: Maximum length of stay at any campsite is 16 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Group size limit - 15 people and 25 horses.

2. Campfire restrictions - none, except under very dry conditions. However, if you plan on visiting an area about 9,400 feet, there is limited firewood, so plan on using a camp stove.

3. Dog restrictions - must be under voice control. Please show courtesy towards wildlife and the visitors and make sure your dog stays nearby and does not chase wildlife or disturb other people.

4. Fishing and hunting licenses and regulations - may be obtained at the WY Game and Fish office in Jackson or sporting good stores.

5. Camping - please select a hidden campsite at least 200 feet from lakeshores so that opportunities for solitude and campsite privacy are enhanced.

6. Hay - may be certified weed free, can be obtained in Jackson (Valley Feed Company).

7. Length of stay - 16 days.

8. Permits - not needed except for commercial use.

9. Water - always carry water. The north and west portions of the wilderness are quite dry with limited water. Filtering or treating water is advised.

10. Bears - yes, bears may be encountered. Black bears are common, grizzly bears may occasionally travel through area. Keeping all food and other attractants hung or otherwise unavailable is required according to the food storage order, Special Order # 04-00-104.

11. Snow free season - generally July-September. Higher elevations are often not snow free until mid or late July.

12. Stock grazing - forage is limited. Please call to find out recommended camping areas with adequate forage.

13. Livestock grazing - occurs in the eastern half of the wilderness. Grazing begins in the lower elevations in mid June wit higher elevations grazed in august or September. You may encounter drift fences please leave gates as you found them.

14. Maps - USGS topographical maps are advised for traveling through the Wilderness.

15. Outfitters - there are several outfitters who offer services such as hiking, backpacking, day horse rides, summer horse pack trips, and fall hunting.


**For required group use permits and more information, contact the Jackson Ranger District at 307-739-5400.