Teton Wilderness Regulations


Party size

Limits are currently 20 people and 35 head of stock.

Stay Limit

One campsite may be occupied for up to 16 days. Visitors who vacate a campsite after 16 days may not return to the same site for at least 5 days.


Livestock may not be grazed near some of the high-elevation lakes. Livestock should not be tied to green trees, but tethered on a highline, picketed, hobbled or held within an electric fence. Livestock should not be grazed where more than 40 percent of the graze has already been utilized. Processed feed (grain) must be stored unavailable to grizzlies.


All food, garbage, and other grizzly bear attractants must be stored unavailable to bears according to the food storage order, Special Order # 04-00-104. Bear-resistant panniers and food tubes may be rented from the Ranger Districts. Food storage boxes, barrels, and game poles are located throughout the Wilderness.

**For required group use permits and more information, contact the Blackrock Ranger District at 307-543-2386.