Scenic Byways

Wyoming Scenic Byway LogoScenic Byways are designated through the National Scenic Byways Program, which is part of the U.S. Department of Transportation.  Scenic Byways are defined as reaching "beyond breathtaking vistas. All of America's Byways® are "scenic", representing the depth and breadth of scenery in America--natural and man-made panoramas; electrifying neon landscapes; ancient and modern history coming alive; native arts and culture; and scenes of friends, families and strangers sharing their stories."  They are "gateways to adventures where no two experiences are the same."  (

The Bridger-Teton National Forest hosts two designated Scenic Byways.  The Wyoming Centennial Scenic Byway is designated for it's cultural and historical background as well as the diverse variety and beauty in landscapes and ecosystems the Byway passes through.  The Big Spring Scenic Backway is designated for it's historical value associated with the Oregon Trail as well as it's mountain views and variety of wildlife.  Select one of these Byways below to learn more about the route and what it has to offer you as you travel across western Wyoming.

Wyoming Centennial Scenic Byway

Big Spring Scenic Backway