Road Conditions

Carson National Forest Road Conditions – as of May 1, 2019

Roads on the Carson National Forest that were closed for the season are now open. However, some roads on the Camino Real District remain impassable due to snow and muddy conditions. These roads will remain closed and gated until road conditions improve. Please view a map of road conditions on the Camino Real District to see what is open or closed.  Road conditions will be evaluated daily and the map will be updated frequently.

Some roads on other ranger districts may also be impassable due to snow or muddy conditions. Please avoid using these roads to prevent resource damage and to avoid getting stuck. The Forest Service cannot provide assistance in the event that vehicles require towing.

If you have a question about a specific road, please call the appropriate Ranger District. 

New Mexico Road Report

Provided by the New Mexico Transportation Department; gives year round road conditions for all of New Mexico