Environmental Management Systems

Carson National Forest employees are working toward improving our transportation and travel practices, which, in turn, will reduce harmful emissions, increase operational and fuel efficiency, and reduce the use of non-renewable fuel

While necessary to accomplish our land management responsibilities, our vehicle use has an environmental impact: burning fossil fuels and emitting CO2 and particulates. We will continue to drive, but with 80% of our fleet made up of four-wheel-drive pickups and SUVs, we need to make sure we are using the right vehicle for the job.

Carson National Forest employees are taking part in a National effort with the Goal to:

  • VEHICLES: Increase purchase of
    alternative fuel, hybrid, and plug-in
    hybrid electric vehicles when
    commercially available;
    Reduce petroleum consumption
    in fleet vehicles by 2% annually
    through 2015;
    alternative fuel consumption at
    least 10% annually; and
    Achieve zero emissions in fleet
    and transportation by 2015.

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Forest Service Environmental Policy
  • The Forest Service is committed to
    complying with applicable legal and
    other requirements, pollution
    prevention, and continual
    environmental improvement.

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