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We offer a variety of employment opportunities (both paid and unpaid) ranging from student programs to volunteer programs, and full time employment for men and women with skills in several hundred areas.

Current Employment Opportunities

  • Discover information on upcoming 2019 Seasonal Hiring. Application for these positions are open from March 4 through March 6, 2019.

USAJOBS website image To View Positions Currently Open for Application

Positions that are currently open for application will only appear on the USAJOBS website. To view positions currently open for application on the Carson National Forest:

  1. In the Keyword block, type "Carson National Forest"
  2. Below that block, choose either "U.S. Citizens" or "Federal Employees"
  3. Click Search.

Handout: How to Apply for a job in USAJOBS

Outreach website imageTo View Announcements of Upcoming Positions

Announcements of positions that are upcoming but may not necessarily be open for application just yet are found on the Forest Service Outreach website. To view announcements specific to permanent and temporary positions on the Carson National Forest:

  1. Leave the Opportunity block blank
  2. In the Organization block, type "110304"
  3. Next, click "Perform Search"

Fire and Fuels Permanent Positions

Southwest Region 3 Fire Hire Outreach Notice- Fire Positions GS- 0462-03 thru GS- 0462-09.  Application deadline is October 15th, 2018. 

Permanent full-time and permanent seasonal fire and fuels positions from the GS-3 to GS-9 levels covered by an open continuous recruitment are filled through the Southwestern Region Fire Hire Program. The Fire Hire Program does NOT include temporary seasonal employment. For information on the Fire Hire Program and to view potential positions, please visit:

Fire and Non-Fire Temporary Seasonal Positions

Fire and non-fire temporary seasonal positions including GS and WG positions grade levels 2 through 9 are filled through the Southwestern Region Centralized Temporary Hiring Program. For information on temporary hiring and to view potential positions, please visit:  

Other Employment Opportunities

To view current employment outreach notices for our neighboring forest - the Santa Fe National Forest - please visit:

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