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Forest Plan Revision Public Participation

Effective public participation during the Forest Plan Revision process provides a variety of benefits and is critical to the development of plans and ultimately projects so that plans and projects can reflect diverse needs and contribute to the sustainability of forest resources. Public participation is intended to be dynamic, so that the Forest Service can both inform the public and accept feedback on the overall approach to the planning process as well as specific phases of the plan.

Public participation is a general term that encompasses a variety of communications strategies and levels of engagement. During the Forest Plan Revision process, the Carson National Forest views the term “public participation” to include the full spectrum of public engagement from informing the public to collaboration.


Examples of Activities and Tools


Directly engage the public to exchange information with each other and work together on one or more issues during the planning process. Identify where there is agreement and disagreement. Potential tools: Facilitated or mediated discussion among public participants, Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) groups, and partnerships.


Work closely with interested members of the public to clarify concerns and seek feedback on how to meet challenges presented by the planning process. Potential tools: workshops, partnerships, and public meetings.


Provide information to the public and seek suggestions as well as feedback on potential issues and concerns. Potential tools: open house, public meeting, notice and comment, news release, and website.


Provide sufficient objective information to the public to convey an understanding of intended actions, processes, and preliminary issues. Potential tools: fact sheet, newsletter, mailing, news release, and website.


The Forest Service provides forests with direction on how to conduct public participation during the Forest Plan Revision process in Forest Service Handbook (FSH) 1909.12 – Chapter 40.

Public Participation Strategy

The public participation strategy is a document that provides a foundation for implementing the 2012 Planning Rule’s broad commitment to engaging the public throughout the planning process. The public participation strategy serves as a road map for how the Forest Plan Revision Team will inform and engage the public during each phase of plan development.

Public Participation and Coordination with Federally Recognized Indian Tribes, Other Federal Agencies, and State and Local Governments

The role of State, local, Tribal governments, and other Federal agencies in the planning process is unique. The opportunity for their involvement throughout the planning process is essential to the successful development and implementation of forest plans. Their participation will be actively sought throughout the planning process and continue through monitoring and adaptive management under the plan.

Tribal Consultation and Engagement

Government Working Group

New Mexico Land Grant Council

Important Note: Names and physical and e-mail addresses submitted on this website, or in response to any request for comments, will be included in the record for Forest Plan Revision and may be released to the public if requested under the Freedom of Information Act.