Preliminary Draft Proposed Plan

In cooperation with our Government Working Group and the public, the Carson NF has developed a Preliminary Draft Proposed Plan (PDPP). This Plan is still under development,  and so far only includes plan components that apply to the entire forest (Forest-wide) and existing Designated Areas. Plan Components include desired conditions, standards, guidelines, and management approaches. The reader will find places where information, hyperlinks to other sections, or data have not yet been inserted.

Also being released with the PDPP are Alternative Themes. Alternative Themes provide description of different ways the Carson NF could be managed to increase specific outcomes valued by the public other than what is described in the PDPP.

A list of Habitat Connectivity Plan Components from PDPP has also been created to make finding these components easier.

The PDPP is incomplete and does not yet reflect all input we have received from the public. Through the summer, the Carson NF will be developing additional management areas that may provide more specific guidance for some areas. The PDPP may change based on previous public comments that it does not adequately address or on public feedback about this first version. The Alternative Themes will be developed into complete alternatives to the proposed plan and will incorporate proposals and feedback from the public that fit a particular theme. The public has provided extensive input already through assessment meetings, needs for change meetings, wilderness comments, and comments on the Notice of Intent. All that input will be considered as management areas and alternatives are developed over the next several months.

We ask that comments be submitted by September 1, 2017 to be most helpful to the plan revision process.

How to comment:

Comment in person at any Carson NF office

Send comments to:

Carson National Forest
208 Cruz Alta
Taos, NM 87571
(575) 758-6221

Forest-wide Direction

Think of the Forest Plan as a road through the Forest...

Desired Conditions describe your destination. These are the big-picture goals. You may not get there overnight, but you know where you want to go.

Objectives describe the road you are driving on. These are time specific, mearurable, and are actions you take to get to your desination.

Standards and Guidelines describe the guardrails that keep you on the road. These are the rules that you must follow.

Management Approaches describe the toolbox you have to make sure you get to your destination. They are optional to use, but can help along the way.