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Pot Creek Cultural Site

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Picture of Adobe House

The Pot Creek Cultural Site includes the ruins of four small adobe dwellings dating from 1100-1300 AD. One of these has been partially restored to what it might have looked like when the Anasazi lived in the area. Here you can go down into an actual Anasazi Kiva, or explore the grounds of an 8-room adobe pueblo.





Picture of Adobe House

These small dwellings were actually the home to an extended family -- perhaps 30 people. But these people only lived in these dwellings during the spring and summer growing season, spending the rest of the year at the nearby Pot Creek Pueblo. They farmed the surrounding land, which today is the home of a thriving Pinon, Cedar and Juniper forest.



People working

The Forest Service provides a free tour of the site by a volunteer knowledgeable about the area. We also are always open to school groups and other visitors who want to get their hands dirty and help keep the site in good condition by doing adobe construction.







Also, once a year Pot Creek is host to a group of Elderhostel volunteers, who apply mud plaster to the walls of the dwellings and do other important conservation work.