Questa Ranger District Implementing Kiowa-San Cristobal Thinning Contract

Taos, NM—November 7, 2019— A thinning contractor has begun implementation work on the Kiowa-San Cristobal Wildland Urban Interface Project.  The project is part of the Taos Valley Watershed Coalition Joint Chiefs’ funding initiative.  The contractor, in coordination with the Forest Service, was able to begin implementation work after the recent stipulation modifying the court-ordered injunction related to the Mexican spotted owl listed this project as an accepted action.

Located on the Questa Ranger District southwest of the community of San Cristobal, the project area consists of 261 acres of piñon/juniper and smaller inclusions of ponderosa pine along Forest Service Road 7 leading to the DH Lawrence Ranch. The current project area adjoins previously treated acres that were funded through the same funding mechanism in the late fall of 2018. The previous thinning contract created a fuelbreak along private property on the south side of the community of San Cristobal and created dead and down fuelwood for the local communities.

Thinning units will not be opened to the public for dead and down fuelwood harvesting at this time to provide for safety of thinning crews and the public. “Providing fuelwood is important to the communities we serve and we are committed doing what we can to provide those services,” stated James Duran, Carson National Forest Supervisor. Therefore, fuelwood created from the thinning process will be made available as soon as possible once contract work has been completed and units can be inspected. The units will then be mapped and advertised.

Please contact the Questa Ranger District at (575) 586-0520 or forestry personnel at the Camino Real Ranger District at (575)587-2255 with any questions related to this project.