Special Use Permits - Research

There are many diverse research projects on the Carson NF.  Research includes experimental forest demonstration areas, observatories, laboratories, stream gauges, weather stations, educational research study, and similar uses not intended to result in further development.   

Our goal is to provide a high level of customer service for research activities on the Carson NF.  Please understand however, that depending on the complexity of the proposal, and any environmental compliance that may be required, it may take up to 180 days to process a research permit. It is your responsibility to provide the Agency with all the information needed to review, evaluate, and make a decision on a submitted proposal and an application. All proposals are subject to initial screening. If a proposal passes initial screening it is formally accepted as an application and will enter a second screening for environmental analysis (cost recovery fees are applicable). Lastly, the environmental analysis process will determine if the proposed use will be authorized with a Special Use Permit.   

Land Use Fee for Research Activities 

Annual land use rental fee on the Carson National Forest in the following counties is calculated at 5% of NASS value per year of land use. 

Land Use Rent is determined by: 

(NASS 2012 Land Value per ac) * (.05) = Land Use Rent per year (Round to the nearest 1, so 1.4 = 1 and 1.5 = 2) 

For example: 

A research permit for two years on 1.00 ac with .5 ac in Taos County and .5 ac in Mora County: (($1,173.00 * .05) + ($555.00 * .05) = $586.50 + $277.50) = $864.00 *2 years = $1,728.00 


Please be aware the minimum land use rent fee for FY21 is $82.07 per year. So, if the land use calculates less than $82.07 you will be charged $82.07 per year. 

Cost Recovery Fees: there is a separate fee for both processing and monitoring 

The cost recovery fee covers the administrative and personnel costs associated with issuing the permit (example processing and monitoring). If the permit takes more than 50 hours to process or monitor these fees apply. The table illustrates this. 

Submitting Requests 

Submit request at least 180 days ahead of your intended start of operations. 

Scientific Research Request Form