Forest Supervisor Orders


Order No. Description
379 General Forest Order
381 National Forest System ATV Trail
382 Watauga RD: Seed Orchard Restriction
383 Watauga RD: Developed Rec. Restriciton
386 Appalachian Trail Restriction
387 Forest Wide: Camping Prohibitions
388 Public Safety: Shooting Ranges
390 Wilderness Restriction
391 Ocoee RD Camping Restriction
392 Gee Creek Wilderness Restriction
393 Cherohala Skyway Camping Restriction
394  Recreation Restriction
395 Tellico RD Donley Rental Cabin
396 Tellico RD Developed Rec. Restriction
397 Tellico RD Camping Restriction
398 Ocoee RD Consauga River Restriction
399 Ocoee RD Watershed Restriction
400 Ocoee RD Developed Rec. Restriction
401 Ocoee RD Recreation Restriction
402 Ocoee RD River Restriction
408 Tellico RD Horse Restrictions
410 Controlled Substance Prohibition
412 Forest Wide Fire/Communication Towers
01-2014 Five-Year Closure of All Caves and Mines on National Forest System Lands
421 Forest Wide Food and Refuse Storage Requirements Order
426 Use of Motorized Vehicles ON and OFF National Forest System Roads
427 Horse Restriction
428 Camping Restriction
429 Order for Public Safety - Spring Creek Shooting Range
430 Fort/Camp Armistead and Britton Tract Restriction
08-04-06-19-015 Camping and Food Restrictioin Clark Creek Road
08-04-00-19-016 Alcoholic Beverages Restriction Forest Wide Order
08-04-00-20-062 Forest Wide: Metal Detectors, electronic apparatus, and device for the purpose of locating any metal objects