Cherokee National Forest - About Us

About Us

The Cherokee National Forest is located in Eastern Tennessee and stretches from Chattanooga to Bristol along the North Carolina border. The 650,000-acre forest is the largest tract of public land in Tennessee.  It lies in the heart of the Southern Appalachian mountain range, one of the world's most diverse areas.  These mountains are home to more than 20,000 species of plants and animals. Each year millions of people visit Tennessee's Cherokee National Forest.  It is a place of scenic beauty that provides opportunities for anyone interested in nature and history.

National forests are lands of many uses.  The original purpose for their creation was to protect water quality and provide a continuous supply of timber.  Today the national forest mission includes outdoor recreation, wildlife and fish habitat, wilderness, water quality, minerals, wood products, and much more.

Our motto is caring for the land and serving people.  Caring for your national forests requires the dedication and hard work of a diverse and highly skilled workforce.  Forestry, biology, botany, recreation, planning, engineering, geology, hydrology, realty, computer technology, human resource management, landscape architecture and accounting are among the fields of expertise employed by the USDA Forest Service.  Each of the land mangers and resource specialists ensure resources are cared for so future generations can also enjoy and value our national forests.