Studying the Big Creek Watershed

Pigeon River, Gulf Fork, and Trail Fork Drainages
Cooke County, Tennessee


Whitewater rafting, remote backcountry, high elevation balds, hunting and fishing, scenic mountain roads, and the Appalachian Trail…

Opportunities Abound!

The Big Creek Project Area stretches across the upper mountain slopes bordering North Carolina from Snowbird Mountain to the Brushy Mountain. The Project Area assessment area also includes small portions of the Pigeon and French Broad River Watersheds. The ecosystems in the Big Creek area range from high-rising mountaintops and steep gorges to rural forests and large rivers. The area offers beautiful scenery, a diversity of habitats, many recreational activities, and a rich cultural history.

Studying the Big Creek Project Area (Vicinity Map)

Planners and managers in Cherokee National Forest are investigating all of the resources and potential management in the publicly held lands of the Big Creek Project Area. A comprehensive study of the areas resources is underway.