Learning About the Doe Ecosystem Analysis Area

Iron Mountain
Carter County , Tennessee
Photo of Scioto Ecosystem

High elevation spruce-fir forests and balds, rare communities of plants and animals, panoramic views, nationally known trails and rhododendron gardens, and myriad recreational opportunities are just some of the attractions of this area.

A Very Diverse Place

The landscape in the Roan Analysis Area varies from some of the highest elevations on the Cherokee National Forest with open balds to rich, tree-filled coves and slopes. The area offers the Appalachian Trail, beautiful scenery, a high diversity of plants and animals, picnic areas, and a long cultural history.

The Scioto Ecosystem Management Cluster spans the mountain slopes between Unicoi, Johnson City, and Elizabethton. The ecosystems in the Scioto area range from the rich riparian forest of Limestone Cove to the unusually dry streams and forests of Little, Stone and Jenkins Mountains. The area offers picnicking, fishing, hunting, and a rich cultural history. Little Mountain and Stone Mountain sit at the foot of Unaka Mountain, providing cascading mountain scenery from I-26 and Pinnacle Tower.

Studying the Roan Ecosystem (Vicinity Map)

Planners and managers in Cherokee National Forest are investigating all of the resources and potential management opportunities in the public lands of the Roan Analysis Area. A comprehensive study of the areas resources is underway.

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