Oak Tree Planting

Mention tree planting on a national forest, and most people imagine pine seedlings. In 2019, the Chippewa National Forest planted 1.5 million seedlings, many of which were red and white pine. Another 1.7 million seedlings are planned to be planted in the spring of 2020. The list includes more than “pine trees.” Species of conifers includes white, red and jack pine, white and black spruce, tamarack and northern white cedar. 

In addition to conifers, about 35,000 oaks are planted each spring.  In 2021, that number will increase to about 120,000 each spring.  These oaks include red, white and bur oak species.  Acorns for these oak seedlings are collected through the Minnesota DNR seed collection program. The Forest orders the acorns each year from the Badoura State Nursery, and once received, the acorns are taken to the Toumey Forest Service Nursery in Watersmet, Michigan.  Because acorns germinate very fast, they are planted into seed beds as soon as they arrive. If they are not in soil when they begin to germinate, the acorn will die and no seedling will result.  In October, 2019, the Forest purchased 62 bushels of acorns from the State. Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.

Acorn planter