Stony Point Campground pavement.

The Stony Point Campground Road Pavement Preservation Project is scheduled to begin in mid-August 2021. Throughout the 3.7-mile length of the Stony Point Road there is extensive pavement cracking, potholes, shoulder crumbling and rutting. 

Funding in recent years has not been available to repair these deteriorating road conditions. As part of the Great American Outdoors Act (GAOA), the Chippewa National Forest received $180,000 in funds to complete the overdue repairs.  Work will include crack repairs, sealing, and pavement patching for the full-length of the roadway. The project will help preserve the pavement before further degradation occurs. The repairs and improvements to the campground road and dual access boat ramp will enhance safety and provide visitors’ a more pleasant experience.

“The Legacy Restoration Funds will allow us to address a backlog of road maintenance at Stony Point Campground, for which we have received numerous comments about its condition over time,” said Michael Stansberry, Forest Supervisor. “It is great to be moving forward with the much-needed improvements for our visitors at this very popular campground”

The Stony Point Campground Road serves 14,000 campers per year and provides access to the Stony Point boat ramp. Not only does the Stony Point Campground Road carry traffic for the Chippewa National Forest, but it also serves as the access to approximately 35 private residences.

The roadway will remain open to traffic throughout the project.