Archaeology Intern 2022

Maria Chiaberta Chippewa Archaeology intern

Maria Chiaberta, Archaeology intern on the Chippewa.

This summer on the Chippewa, an intern, Maria Chiaberta, from the Conservation Corps of Minnesota Iowa has joined the Heritage program. Maria returns from the Northern Illinois region for a 2nd term, having previously worked alongside the Forest Service and CCMI in 2018.

Throughout this summer, Maria will work alongside Sean Dunham and Marcie Gotchie both in the archaeology lab and in the field. Identifying, sorting, and analyzing artifacts will just be one aspect of the job, as Maria continues the work started in 2018 to catalogue both historical objects and reference materials in the lab.

You can find Sean, Marcie, and Maria often in the field for #fielddayfridays as they work on the forest to identify sites. Some Fridays, their work consists of completing surface surveys- when heritage program employees scan the ground and surroundings for signs of human interaction, such as building foundations, mounds, or historical objects. Given the long history of occupation on the forest, surveys can take the heritage program all over the forest!

Other times, they may be found digging shovel probes. This is a grid like system of digging holes to help determine if any, or how much, material culture exists in a given space. This step is often exploratory, with previous research, oral histories, or newly found features helping to determine the digging location. If material culture is found within any of the probes, it is possible to open an excavation of the site for a more complete understanding.

Stop by the archaeology lab or catch the Heritage team in the field to learn more!