Cordova Ranger District

Mist shrouded hills provide a backdrop for the winding arms of the Copper River Delta

Cordova is a commercial fishing community and home to the world famous Copper River Wild Salmon. The District is nestled between the Copper River Delta and the southeastern end of Prince William Sound and covers approximately 2.3 million acres. Beauty and adventure surrounds this magnificent place.

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Cordova is located one hundred and forty miles east of Anchorage and is home to 2,500 year round residents. Access is by air or water only.

Cordova lies at approximately 60.542780° North Latitude and -145.7575° West Longitude. Winter temperatures average 17° to 28° F and summer temperatures average 49° to 63° F. Annual precipitation is 167 inches, including 80 inches of snowfall.

Cordova is also home to river rafting, fishing, hiking, sightseeing, camping, hunting, and exploring. But mostly, Cordova is home to some of the greatest people you'll ever have the opportunity to meet.