Areas of Focus

This initiative extends outward from the Copper River Delta to other key sites along the Pacific Flyway. The goal is to link these areas under one conservation plan. The mission statement is to strengthen conservation of the Copper River Delta’s migratory bird resources through effective international partnerships. Specifically, we will focus on the following areas.

1. Existing Conservation Plans and Initiatives: We will work with established conservation plans to enhance existing conservation strategies. These plans include the North American Waterfowl Management Plan, United States Shorebird Conservation Plan, North American Waterbird Conservation Plan, Western Boreal Forest Initiative—Ducks Unlimited Canada, Latin American-Caribbean Program— Ducks Unlimited Inc., and the North American Bird Conservation Initiative.

2. Research and Assessments: We will expand the knowledge base of migratory birds by initiating and facilitating priority research and assessments.

3. Partnerships: We will build new partnerships and strengthen existing ones. The axiom “Think Globally, Act Locally” succinctly expresses our focus. We wish to view conservation on a global scale and foster local support through partnerships in areas of primary interest. Groups such as the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network, Nature Conservancy, and the governments and NGO’s of Latin America will play key roles.

4. Education: We wish to increase public understanding and appreciation of migratory birds and their associated ecosystems. We must foster public support and a sense of urgency for achieving conservation goals.

5. Existing Funding: We will leverage and increase funding for migratory bird conservation along the pacific coast. Waterfowl may move accross many international boundaries from Alaska, to Canada, on to the lower 48, and possibly to Mexico.