A message from the Cordova Ranger District Fish Crew

The Cordova Ranger District covers about 2.3 million acres, largely undisturbed by human activity. Because of the outstanding biological resources on the District, Congress mandated that the Copper River Delta and Bering River areas will be managed primarily for the conservation of fish and wildlife habitat.

The fish produced on the Cordova Ranger District help support a large commercial fishery, which is the economic base for the city of Cordova. Sport anglers flock to the area for sockeye (red) salmon in the early summer and coho (silver) salmon in the fall. Subsistence users harvest fish as part of their cultural and traditional lifestyles.

Cordova Ranger District Fish Crew

The primary goals of the fisheries crew are to protect fish habitat and maintain the ecosystems that are dependent on the large returns of salmon every year. This is the best way of ensuring that fish are available for all users--now and in the future.

The main duties of the crew are to collect fish information and provide input on Forest Service projects to make sure fish habitat is not injured. The crew also assists scientists from across the country who come to the District to study salmon under natural, undisturbed conditions. In places where past human activities and natural disturbances have affected fish habitat, we work on restoration or enhancement projects to improve fish production.

Please visit the rest of our site and learn more about the places to fish and the projects we’re working on.

Key Contacts

Chugach National Forest
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Glacier Ranger District
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Forest Station Road
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Cordova Ranger District
P.O.Box 280,
Cordova, AK 99574
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Seward Ranger District
33599 Ranger Station Spur
Mile marker 23.5
Seward, AK 99664
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