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Remember there is no WiFi at the Portage Valley Mission Site. The application and Mission site must be downloaded, and the application profile completed and approved, beforehand. Download from Google Play | The App Store.

Get ready to solve the mysteries
of the Chugach National Forest…

AOD goat cartoonThe award winning mobile gaming application, Agents of Discovery has come to Portage Valley and the Begich, Boggs Visitor Center. Working in concert with Secret Agent MG (Mountain Goat) the Portage Valley Mission allows you to solve nature, culture, and science geo-located challenges and uncover the mysteries of the Chugach National Forest.

USBee graphicFollowing the 1. 5 mile Williwaw Loop Trail, you will rescue the stolen robotic USBees, who store knowledge of the natural world. The fate of nature rests in your hands. Once you have completed your mission, return to headquarters – cleverly disguised as the Begich, Boggs Visitor Center – and claim your accolades and a reward.

Tips for Maximizing Your Chugach National Forest – Portage Valley Mission experience

  • Make sure your phone or tablet is fully charged before you leave home
  • Turn WiFi off
  • Chugach National Forest – Portage Valley Mission is constantly improving, so be sure to you have the latest version of the mission site.
  • Get the Agents of Discovery Portage Valley Mission Instruction sheet.

Mission Critical Documents

AOD screen sampleAOD screen sample


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Agents of Discovery?

Agents of Discovery is an awarding winning Move to Play & Learn mobile game that can be downloaded for free and played on a mobile device at participating sites. The application allows youth to discover the natural outdoor world around them in a fun and interactive way. Players unlock hidden geo-located challenges that can only be solved through observation and discovery.

The game encourages children to get outside and start solving mysteries that will help save the natural world. It is a way to use gaming technology that kids are already using to enhance outdoor experiences in a fun and educational way. The game unfolds at a variety Mission sites in parks, forests, recreation areas, and museums around the country.

What is the Portage Valley Mission?

Portage Valley Mission is the mission site located along the Trail of Blue Ice in Portage Valley and is available for visitors to play for free to find virtual characters and learn about the Chugach National Forest. The game is ideal for youth grades 3-6 and makes a fun family activity. 

Do I need an internet connection to play?

Agents of Discovery requires no WiFi or data connection after the initial download of the application and mission site. This means you don’t need to worry about cell phone charges as their kids explore their communities with the mobile game! 

You will need WiFi to download the different missions from off of the Agents of Discovery app but not to play the game! The application will need to be downloaded before you get to the Portage Valley Mission site. Ensure your location settings are on for the Agents of Discovery app and you are ready to play!

How does the Agent of Discovery app connect kids with nature?

Studies show that outdoor classrooms and nature-based experiential activities lead to significant gains in student academic performance (American Institutes for Research 2005). Kids learn more, have more fun, and feel more connected to nature when they play Agents of Discovery.

Where can I get the Agents of Discovery app?

The application is called Agents of Discovery and can be downloaded from:

Are there other Mission Sites?

There are more than 60 sites on National and many others at museums and parks across the country. There are three sites in Alaska. Mission 49 and Mendenhall will launch later this year. Visit the Forest Service's Alaska Region page to find out about the other Forest Service Agents of Discovery Mission sites in Alaska

Safety Concerns

Williwaw Loop Trail winds its way through forest, along rivers, and through some marshy areas, all of which is home to large animals such as bear and moose. Avoid surprising animals by making a lot of noise – talk loudly, sing, travel in groups. Wearing noisy bells and carrying bear spray is also a good idea. Never approach an animal, if you see a bear or moose while you are on the trail, it is a good idea to back away slowly and take another route.  Animals are always present in the forest, taking proper precautions can help you avoid unpleasant encounters with wildlife. 

While the Williwaw Loop Trail is a developed trail, it is still a good idea to dress for a walk through the woods with sturdy shoes. Weather can change rapidly so be sure to bring along some warm clothing and rain gear.


News release July 12, 2017