Chugach National Forest - Annual Report 2020

In a year when COVID-19 has made so many people feel disconnected, this year’s Chugach National Forest 2020 Annual Report is all about connections:

  • connecting the waters of the Chugach National Forest by removing barriers to fish and other aquatic species
  • connecting people and places with important highway project
  • finding creative ways to connect Forest Service employees, events, and actions with those interested in the Forest
  • the public’s connection to the land and nature as we find ourselves divided from friends, neighbors, and loved ones, and
  • even projects connected to other projects.

We hope to see you out in the Forest enjoying the connection to this land that sustains us all.  And in these still challenging times, may the Forest be with you!

The Chugach National Forest  2020 Annual Report

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The Annual Report as Story Map

Review stories based on their mapped location by visiting our interactive Annual Report Story Map, an online resource that links each story to a spot on the Forest map.

map of the Forest