The Whistlestop is here!

A railroad passenger car.

A Unique Bond

A partnership between the Alaska Railroad Corporation and the U.S. Forest Service provides the public with a distinctive travel and recreational experience found nowhere else in the United States. And the only way to get there is on the Alaska Railroad.

The Alaska Railroad and Chugach National Forest have worked together since 2004 to create world-class recreational opportunities for visitors of all abilities in the Chugach National Forest backcountry. The Whistle Stop Project will eventually include five whistle stop stations, over 30 miles of new trails, cabins, and campsites in the rugged Kenai Mountains.

Since the first of the whistle stops was completed at Spencer Glacier in 2007, over 10,000 visitors have enjoyed this spectacular landscape.

  • Come ride the rails!

    A railorad car.

    Ride the Alaska Railroad’s Glacier Discovery Train from Anchorage, Whittier, or Portage, to the Spencer Glacier Whistle Stop. You can get tickets on-line at The Alaska Railroad. Once at Spencer, enjoy the scenic backcountry through hiking, camping, or water-based activities.