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PWS Framework - Household Harvest Analysis

Deer on the beachA mapped distribution characterizing seasonal harvest activities of rural households in Prince William Sound was created.  The analysis focused on data collected during eighty-eight household interviews conducted with harvesters in the communities of Chenega Bay, Cordova, Tatitlek, and Whittier in 2009.  Harvest efforts were reported for twenty-four individual resources including: halibut, salmon, rockfish, deer, and berries, and were summarized in terms of: 1) the proportion of households using individual resources (as surveyed); 2) spatial extent of harvest (as identified on maps); and 3) relative intensity of harvest effort. Total reported use relative to recent use was evaluated and results indicate slight declines in overall household harvest effort. A spatial characterization of use intensity was compared to predicted distributions of recreation use activities throughout Prince William Sound and a weak positive correlation was detected between these activities during summer months.