Recreation Facility Analysis

The Chugach National Forest National Forest has analyzed developed recreation sites through a process called "Recreation Facility Analysis." The foundation of any effort for improvement is knowing how well we are doing -- establishing a baseline. Recreation Facility Analysis is the first nationally consistent analytical process that allows us to know what running a recreation site costs, the relative importance of that site, and its condition.

Using this analysis, the Forest has built a "5-year Proposed Program of Work.“ The Proposed Program of Work is a list of tasks that the Forest will try to accomplish or further explore over the next 5 years.

We want to provide healthy, safe, and well-maintained recreation opportunities that are important to local communities and visitors to our area. Recreation Facility Analysis helps us evaluate developed recreation sites to meet the the overall goals of:

  • Focus resources on the most appropriate recreation opportunities to meet changing public desires and demands.
  • Maintain or enhance visitor satisfaction with the sites and services provided.
  • Meet quality health and safety standards at all developed recreation sites.
  • Be financially sustainable.
  • Be environmentally sound.
  • Maintain community sustainability.

The value of recreation is so great and the benefits to communities, families and individuals so vital that we must continue to do all we can to improve access and availability of quality outdoor recreation for everyone.

Many of our facilities were built 30-50 years ago. Some have reached the end of their useful life. Other facilities receive little or no use, and no longer serve the demand that existed in years past. The fundamental premise of the proposed program of work is to create an inventory which is sustainable and flexible enough to be annually adapted to any changes in demand, available resources, and opportunities. Therefore, the Proposed Program of Work can be updated should we have a need to re-evaluate our recreation program.

We welcome your comments and suggestions on our 5-year Proposed Program of Work.

***This process was called Recreation Site-Facility Master Planning (RS-FMP). However, the Forest Service recognized, as a result of the findings of a team chartered specifically to review the public participation efforts associated with this analysis process, that the term "master planning" could imply that this is a decision-making process as opposed to an analytic one. Therefore, based on a recommendation from that team, the Forest Service decided to refer to the analysis of recreation facilities more accurately and simply as Recreation Facility Analysis.