Chugach National Forest Launches Agents of Discovery® Portage Valley Mission Mobile Game

Contact(s): Alicia King

Logo for Agents of Discovery

Anchorage, July 13, 2017 - Visitors to the Chugach National Forest will have another reason to get outside and explore the forest. Saturday, July 22nd at 1:00 p.m. at the Williwaw Fish Viewing Platform parking lot, in Portage Valley, the award winning mobile gaming application Agents of Discovery® is being launched on the Chugach National Forest.  Agents of Discovery, Chugach National Forest – Portage Valley Mission is a free mobile game application that allows users to unlock hidden geo-challenges with their tablet or smartphone along the forest’s Williwaw Loop Trail. 

“Using game-based learning, players will discover the mysteries of the Chugach National Forest,” says Terri Marceron, Chugach National Forest Supervisor. “The game is appropriate for ages from six to 12 and for families looking for fun activities they can do together. It is a great way to combine adventure in the outdoors and the technology kid’s love!”

Players travel the Williwaw Loop Trail working in concert with Secret Agent MG (Mountain Goat) to uncover clues to collect stolen robotic USBees, who store knowledge of the natural world. Once all the geo-challenges have been solved and the USBees collected, players can visit the Begich, Boggs Visitor Center to claim their reward. U.S. Forest staff and interns will be available from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. to help visitors with the game on Saturday, July 22nd. 

Players will need to download the Agents of Discovery app and the Chugach National Forest – Portage Valley Mission site at home or someplace with WiFi before heading to the Chugach National Forest. An internet connection is not needed to play the downloaded game once on the Williwaw Loop Trail.

The one and a half mile Williwaw Loop Trail winds its way through forest, along rivers, and through some marshy areas, all of which are home to large animals such as bear and moose. Avoid surprising animals by making a lot of noise – talk loudly, sing, and travel in groups. Wearing noisy bells and carrying bear spray is also a good idea. Visitors are advised to never approach an animal, if a bear or moose is seen while visitors are on the trail, it is recommended to back away slowly and go another way.  

Studies have shown that outdoor experiential learning activities correlate to significant gains in student academic performance. There are more than 60 different Agents of Discovery mission sites across the U.S. and Canada. For more information on downloading the app and Agents of Discovery visit the Chugach National Forest Website.

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