Chugach National Forest Announces Opportunity for Outfitter and Guide Proposals

Contact(s): Alicia King

Anchorage, AK (February 22, 2018) - The Chugach National Forest is seeking additional outfitter and guide services for forest visitors. The forest is accepting proposals for outfitter and guide permits for specific non-motorized activities within designated areas on the forest. Outfitter and guide services engage forest visitors and further their experience and connection to the forest. Existing Chugach National Forest outfitters and guides may also submit proposals. The deadline for submission is March 16, 2018.

The Chugach National Forest currently has 131 outfitter and guide businesses operating on the forest. There has been an increased interest in providing opportunities for new outfitter and guide business. A permit is required when the outfitting and guiding operation is conducted on National Forest System lands or waters. Outfitters based off National Forest System lands that rent and deliver equipment to the public on National Forest System lands must obtain a permit if they, their employees, or agents occupy or use National Forest System lands or waters in connection with their rental programs.

Applicants are asked to review the Chugach National Forest Outfitter/Guide Website for complete instructions and the Chugach National Forest March 2018 Outfitter Guide Opportunity Map and Chart to see what types of proposals are being considered. Proposals need to be emailed to