Outfitting and Guiding Opportunity

The Chugach National Forest is seeking additional outfitter and guide services for forest visitors. The forest will be accepting proposals for outfitter and guide permits for specific, non-motorized activities within designated areas. Existing Chugach National Forest outfitters and guides can also submit proposals.

Interested in operating or expanding an outfitting and guiding business on the Chugach National Forest?

You will need to be familiar with the following prior to submitting your proposal:

  • The Process. Be familiar with it so your proposal has a maximum chance of being accepted and approved.
  • The activities and areas under consideration are outlined in the chart found here. Activities or areas outside of these will not be accepted at this time.
  • The deadline for submission is March 16, 2018.  Proposals received after that time or incomplete proposals will not be accepted.
  • Review the screening criteria to ensure your business can meet the requirements. You will want to focus on pages 9-19.
  • Submission of a proposal does not guarantee an authorization will be issued.

What are Priority Use Outfitter Guide Permits?

Priority use permits authorize outfitter and guide activities for up to 10 years, based on the holder’s past use and performance, and applicable decisions to allocate use.

Priority use permit are not for incidental use.  The Chugach National Forest expects that proponents will ask for at least 100 service days.

If a decision has been made to issue a permit, proponents who have no previous record of providing outfitting and guiding services similar to services to be authorized will be issued a priority use permit for 2-years.  The permit term may be extended an additional 8-years contingent upon satisfactory performance.


Mary Ellen Fitzgerald
Special Uses, Chugach National Forest