Proposal Process for Chugach National Forest Outfitter Guide Opportunity

The Forest Service wants the proposals of prospective outfitter/guides to be successful.  Here is a checklist and a list of hints that will help.

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  1. Review the Chugach National Forest March 2018 Outfitter-Guide 2018 Map and Chart to see what types of proposals are being considered.
  2. Review the screening criteria to ensure your business can meet the requirements. You will want to focus on pages 9-19.
  3. Review the sample permit so you know the terms and conditions required of all outfitters & guides on National Forests.
  4. Review the sample SF299 application form.
  5. Fill out the SF299 application form using the Chugach 299 supplement as an aid.
  6. As part of the SF-299 form, be sure to include attachments:
  • Proposed activities and services, locations (attach both a list and a map), season of operation, estimated number of service days including maximum number of clients at one time. This can be part of Operating Plan - see last bullet below.
  • Experience and staff qualifications that display your business’s ability to provide the services.
  • Proposed financial plan. Describe your financial ability to begin, operate and sustain this operation.  Outline expected budget and include fees for proposed activities.
  • Proposed Operating and Safety Plan.
  1. Submit proposal by deadline:  March 16, 2018 to

Successful Proposal Hints:

  • Print off a copy of your proposal to ensure that it can be read easily. Paper maps that are highlighted then scanned often lose their detail.
  • Maps: Detail is needed. Examples include parking sites, trails, boat landings, campsites.
  • Use official place names. Provide GPS point when no name exists such as isolated landings.
  • Have someone review your proposal before submission.
  • Make sure your business name is on every document.
  • Proposals must be complete to be considered.

Need more information?

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