Commercially Guided Helicopter Skiing - Business Opportunities

The Chugach National Forest is determining interest in two temporary special use permits to provide commercially guided helicopter skiing on the Seward and Cordova Ranger Districts. These business opportunities will be awarded to two separate qualified companies (if interest exists) and are limited to one, temporary special use permit for 200 service days within East Ptarmigan-Mt. Ascension on the Seward Ranger District and one, temporary special use permit for 200 service days within Scott-Sheridan Glacier Area on the Cordova Ranger District. These business opportunities are for the 2019 helicopter skiing season and would be available for operations from January 1 through April 20, 2019 and April 30, 2019 respectively.

If competitive interest exists the Chugach National Forest will issue the temporary special use permits to one qualified applicant each, through a random lottery. Issuance of a temporary special use permit does not commit the Chugach National Forest to authorize this outfitting and guiding use in the future. Temporary special use permits are not subject to renewal.

This is also a pre-announcement for two Commercially Guided Helicopter Skiing Prospectuses, one on the Seward Ranger District to be released to the public in fall/winter of 2018 and one on the Cordova Ranger District to be released to the public in summer/fall of 2019.

Application Process and Deadlines

An email response to stating interest in the Seward or Cordova potential business opportunity must be received by 5:00 pm (AST) October 1, 2018. If competitive interest exists, those businesses stating interest will be notified via email by October 5, 2018 to provide the information stated under “Qualified Applicants and Required Information” by 5:00pm (AST) November 2, 2018. This can found be in the Business Opportunity document. Applications must be submitted electronically to (no hard copy or faxed submissions will be accepted).

Public Notice


Solicitation Documents for Helicopter-based Outfitter and Guiding on the Kenai Peninsula Seward and Cordova Ranger Districts

For More Information

For more information on the proposals, or if you would like to provide comment, please submit an email to

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