Checklist for Application to obtain a Filming or Photograph Permit

 This checklist will help to insure your application will be complete and detailed.

__Make preliminary contact with the Forest Service as early as possible to obtain information and coordinate with appropriate contact.

__Describe the needs and type of location desired for filming

__Submit a Photography & Filming Request Application at least 7 days prior to desired shoot date. (Shorter timeline request may be done on a case by case basis). Please allow additional time to process requests for larger, more complex film permits.

__Number of people to be involved on location in the request form as this pertains to the land use fee calculation.

__Provide time schedule including dates and locations of operations, set-up and take down.

__List all vehicles, equipment, chemicals, and other materials that will be used or transported.

__Script or storyboard and a thorough, written description of the film project should be included with the filming request application.

__Certificate of insurance (Insurance instructions are included with the filming application).

__Documents showing coordination between other parties, such as Location Agreements, Permits necessary from County, Department of Transportation, private land owners, other permittees

__Performance bond or other acceptable methods of surety if deemed required.

__All fees are due and payable, preferably by cashier's check or money order, prior to filming (usually when the permit is signed). Fee payments should be made payable to "USDA Forest Service".

__The permit, and the financial agreement, must be signed by an authorized production company representative. Proof of authorization to execute documents by a location manager on behalf of the company must be provided.

Key Contacts

Chugach National Forest
161 East 1st Avenue
Door #8,
Anchorage Alaska 99501