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 The MT TAYLOR HOTSHOTS were established in 2001 after the record breaking fire season of 2000.  The crew was considered a type 1 trainee crew initially and had to work hard in becoming a fully certified Hotshot Crew.  The crew was in trainee status for 3 fire seasons and at the end of the 2003 fire season the crew was officially certified as a Type 1 and considered a full fledged Hotshot Crew.  The Mt. Taylor Ranger District is host to The Mt Taylor Interagency Hotshot Crew (IHC). This is the only IHC on the Cibola National Forest. The crew is comprised of twenty well trained and highly motivated fire fighters. Their appointments range from permanent GS-0462 full time, career conditional 13/13, to 1039 seasonal. Mt. Taylor IHC is type 1 classified and is available as a national resource.

Forest Fire


Joe Julian  2001 (acting)
Joe Julian  2002-2005
Manuel Martinez   2006-2007 (acting) 
Brian Drinville  2007-2009
Eddie Baca 2010 (Acting)
Cathleen Lowe 2011-13

Christian Brashears 2013-present


 Develop and maintain a professional, wildland fire Type I Hotshot Crew organization that is highly trained, productive, motivated, successful and respected by all fire organizations.  Crew personnel will accomplish this through effective communication and commitment to duty, respect, and integrity, with physical and moral courage.


 The primary mission of hotshot crews is to provide safe, mobile and highly trained crews for fire suppression and primary reinforcement during natural disaster incident operations.

 Type I crews are expected to be highly trained, physically fit, professional, efficient and equipped to handle a wide variety of tactical assignments. Being a hotshot takes considerable willpower, skill, tact, desire, teamwork and the will to keep going when others won't.  This includes maintaining a "can do, will do attitude", while maintaining the highest safety standards possible.

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Contact Information

Christian Brashears, Superintendent
(505) 287-6761 Office

Howard Kenny, Assistant Superintendent
(505) 287-6767  Office


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