Travel Management and Motor Vehicle Use Maps Overview

Three images, atv on left, dirtbike in middle, jeep on right

What is the Travel Management Rule (TMR)?

The Travel Management Rule (TMR) is a federal regulation that all National Forests and Grasslands are required to implement. The TMR limits motorized use to designated roads, trails and areas. The intent of the rule is to protect natural resources while also providing for motorized recreational opportunities. In an effort to inform the public about these opportunities for motor vehicle use, the Forest Service has developed the Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM).

What is a Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM)?

An MVUM is a free map displaying the roads, trails, and areas open to motor vehicle use in the national forest. This legal document is as necessary for motorized travel in a national forest as having game proclamations when going hunting. Although other travel aids or more detailed maps may be used in conjunction with the MVUM, it is the MVUM itself which is the reference document for where it is legal to drive a motor vehicle. The MVUM is republished every year, so please be sure that you are using the most current version when driving on the National Forest. If you would like a free hard copy of these maps, they are available upon request at the corresponding national forest office, or you may download the PDF version.

MVUM Resources